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Bravo Lever Hoist Glasses Fire and Rescue Blades Suits Tuff-Coat II

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Bravo® Lever Hoist

Lightweight - Compact - Powerful -Easy to Operate

Picture shows 1/4 Ton and 3/4 Ton Models - Available up to 6 Ton

BRAVO® Lever Hoists are rugged, quality build hoists designed for reliable operations even in the toughest conditions.   

Each hoist has features for easy operations, including:


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Wind-through chain system for fast hook positioning.
Load chain manufactured in accordance with ISO T
Lightweight and portable with simple controls 
Swivel hooks have large opening with safety catch
Minimum effort to lift maximum load

Models 1,500 / 3,000/ 6,000/ 12,000 lbs.

All hoists are load tested and met ANSI B30.19 and OSHA standards.  BRAVO® models, available from 1/2 to 6 tons, (specifications are available on request) are suitable for a wide variety of lifting, pulling and tensioning applications:  for lifting, lowering and pulling loads in rescue situations.
For further information visit their web site at:  http://www.tractel.com/Products/lift&materialshandling/hoists/bravo.htm

Please Call for Pricing Information  (717)235-6446