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Provide a quick and solid solution for side resting vehicles. A single rescuer can easily stabilize a vehicle on its side in less then 1 minute.

  • 2-Ground Pads and 4 x 4's of Varying Length will quickly Stabilize any Height Vehicle.

  • Set up time of 1 minutes with 1 Rescuer

  • Total storage space required less than 1 Cubic Foot

  • Theory of Triangulation Makes the System Tight and Secure

  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Secures the System

  • Proven Effective by International Extraction Teams

  • Provides quick, simple stabilization regardless of Vehicle Position

Kit Includes 2 Ground Pad Base Plates and 2 Zama Points.

Coming Soon:  View a video showing proper application for side resting vehicles!! 

3rd Party Testing  ~ Click to view PDF  ~  Load Rating for Ground Pads

Please Call for Pricing Information (717)235-6446 

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Features and Add-On's:  

GROUND PADS:   The power of the triangle is the secret behind all strut systems.   We didn’t invent the triangle, just an easier, faster, safer way to   build one.  (2 Come in Kit)

ZAMA POINT :   Simply place it over the end of your 4 x 4 and attack any plastic, or sheet metal edge.  The point has two slightly different angles.   Using the point will allow you to “Bite” into many angles and body parts. With each side cut just slightly different you are sure to find a good seating for the top of your strut.

COUPLINGS :  No need to carry extra long 4x4’s. With the ZMAG© Couplings you can easily turn 2 shorts into 1 long.  We suggest the use of a wedge in the top side of the coupling to “snug” the system.

HOOKS :     Why do we make our own hooks? Because they work, that’s why. No need to purchase expensive tow truck clusters. Our design will securely engage and anchor in almost every body and frame hole that you will find.  (2 come in kit)

HANDLES:  Our handles are not just a carrying handle but also a stake down spot if needed.  The wide gap of the handle works well with a gloved hand and will also accept the end of any haligan bar.   

RATCHETS:   Heavy-duty 1” ratchet is permanently attached to the base to allow a one-hand operation. A good cleaning and slight lubrication after each use is all that’s needed for many years of service.