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Scenario: A car is on it side, the victim is under the car, what do you do???

Use four (4) Ground Pads and the Cross strap, tool to tool with a controlled lift.  The car will remain rock solid, suspended 14 inches off of the ground.


Thanks to Walley Byers and the International Champion Brighton Team for this GEM!!


ZMAG Products see many competitions, however this was the frist time this team ever saw the ZMAG Ground Pads.  They used four (4) on this teetering  BMW and had it rock solid in two (2) minutes.  The team won Best Novice Team for this evolution.     

Shows just how simple and non-complicated the tools are!!


Cars on Their Roof

The "Godfather of Rescue" Ron Moore first showed 

this trick at the "Fire House Expo" in 1999.  

Total Roof Removal!!  

Peter Methner of Niagara Falls out doing a total Roof Removal in Halifax NS Canada .     

Thanks to: 

The Alabama School of Extradition 


The South Carolina State Fire Team 


Competition:  International Competition Coral Gables, Florida

Thanks to the Claymont, Delaware Team



Override Brighton, NY Team competing at the International Competition in Rockford, IL.
  Can you carry enough Cribbing in your rig to "Lift an Inch, Crib an Inch" in this scenario???

Ground Pads plus two (2) 4 x 4's safely and solidly follow your lift.  Simply ratchet the bases toward each other throughout the lift. 

Pole Stabilizers


Thanks to:

 Mike Currey and The Brighton Extrication Team for developing this Pole Stabilization technique.

Hagerman Long Island Team competing in North East Regional Competition, Middle Island, NY

Side Resting Vehicles
Scugoy Ontario Canada team attaching a SCHOOL  BUS on it's side.

     Scranton  Fire Dept. Competing in North East Regional Competition,  Brighton, NY.

The man with the Clip Board is Captain Steve Kidd of CarBusters watching an excellent Ground Pad evaluation, International Competition in Rockford, IL. Shiny side or greasy side - no sweat for the    "Brighton Boys".

Vehicles on Wheels
Avoid Plastic Bumpers and Rocker Panels!
Other Options:  Take 2-3' 4 x 4's and replace 36 pieces of cribbing solid and quick.     -   Photo taken by Mark Uttley. 

Z-Strap Configurations

Bring several Z-Straps together for more flexibility


Door Wrap and Cross Fender Wrap 

Marry the Z-Strap with an Override quick and easy.


The perfect Mate to the Colom-Master 



Farm Rescue