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Tools for Vehicle Rescue and More...Simple - Solid - Affordable






We want to help you to do that!  If my tools can shave a few valuable minutes off your next entrapment call, then we all win.  Together, we can meet the challenge of the Golden Hour.



Since 1990, ZMAG Rescue has strived to introduce new products and ideas to ease the ever challenging task of Vehicle Extrication.

From our original ideas of the convenient tool pouch known as the "ZMAG Rescue Kit", to the many ideas still on the work bench, our goal has remained the same - keep it simple, keep it affordable, get the job done safely and efficiently.

In 1996 we introduced the "Ground Pads."  Although the triangle has been around since the Roman Empire, this was the first commercially made system available in the fire and rescue service.  Many others have followed our lead and the term "Tensioned Buttress System" is now commonly known.  AS a prime stabilization option,  the "Ground Pad" system still remains the number one choice of Terc Extrication Teams across North America.  In the year 2002 alone, over 98 trophy's went to teams using the ZMAG System.  More teams have used and won with the "Blue Tools" then all other brands combined.

ZMAG is proud to be a part of Terc and Terc Competitions.  It is the small nucleus of innovators and shakers that keep extrication techniques and skills on the " cutting" edge.  Visit www.terc.org to learn more about competitions in your area and how you can become an active part of their team.

From all of us at ZMAG, Zach, Mike, Andy and Gail.  We welcome you to our website.  Take your time and browse all the pages.  We welcome your input and any pictures you may have of our products being used in the field.  If we use your pictures, we will reward you with a free gift from the "True Blue Rescue Crew."

Mike Schmidt, Owner

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