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By applying pressure manually and taking up the cinch on the working strap, you can open vehicle doors more than 90 degrees!!

The Joe-Go strap was created fir rescuers so they don't use up valuable time securing car doors.  This simple but eloquent tool also facilitates hyperexte3nding a car door.  The combination of color-coded webbing, snaps and a cam buckle coupled with ZMAG's frame hook, which is designed to fit purchase points on today's automobiles, makes a tool that speeds our work.

Quick  -  The Joe-Go Strap quickly wraps a car door with a one inch web strap and locking cam buckle


Easy  -  The No-Knot design allows easy attachment and deployment 


Efficient  -  A single rescuer can hyperextend a door in less then one minute. The locking cam on the tensioning strap will hold the door and prevent it from slipping back. 


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